National Sections’ Projects

  • “Safe parks for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon” Project is a project of the cooperation between The International Social Service, Switzerland and FICE International with the partnership of arcenciel, Lebanon and Syria Arab Red Crescent, Syria. The project aims to provide safe areas (so-called “safe parks”) for children who live in an insecure environment in order to sustainably improve the living conditions of children in the conflict and war zones of Syria/Lebanon. THE FOLLOWING APPLICATION IS ALSO AN APPEAL FOR ADDITIONAL FINANCIAL SUPPORT read more
  • “Together against violence” Project is a partnership project of Association for pedagogical and social assistance for children FICE-Bulgaria, Resilis Private Foundation, Spain and Federal Council of the Therapeutic Communities, Austria. The project focuses on the prevention of cases of repeat violence by children and youth aged 14 – 18 in Bulgaria, Spain and Austria. The specific goals are directed towards the research and assessment of the factors resulting in acts of violence; description of the current system of services and its effectiveness; imptovement of the effectiveness through provision of recommendations and information to the professional community… read more