FICE Experts

Dear FICE Friends, partners and visitors of our website,

In the “folder” FICE Experts is published information about our experts from different countries, members of FICE International who are working in different child care fields.

This idea aims all of us to be informed about the potential and expertize of our professionals in order to obtain information and experience from them. In addition they could be a connection with the country, according to the level at which they are working.

FICE International and its members are open for partnerships not only between the members of the organization, but with other national and international organizations too, working for the weal of children and families at risk.

Make the most of the FICE International’s database to be in touch with the right expert and to support a good cause in an effective and professional way.

We are available for any other additional questions.

Dashenka Kraleva
President of FICE International