About Us

FICE-International was founded in 1948 under the patronage of UNESCO in Trogen (Switzerland). It maintains contacts with UNESCO, UNICEF, Council of Europe and ECOSOC. It is also a member of the UN-NGO-Group on the Rights of the Child and member of ENSACT.

FICE-International contains more than 30 countries – FICE sections – from Europe, Africa, Amerika.


FICE-International’s vision is to create networks across continents worldwide to support actions and all those working with at-risk children, children with special needs and children and young people in out-of-home care. All activities aim to respect the personality, interests and needs of the child or the young person.

FICE-International stands for:

  • Children in out-of-home care
  • Children with special needs
  • Children at risk



  • recognizes the individuality of children, young people and their parents.
  • supports the family as the basic social structure for the upbringing of children.
  • will never try to enforce a child to conform with pre-determined norms.
  • advocates for an optimum development support for children and young persons who cannot live at home.
  • seeks to find solutions to match the child safety, confident relationship environment and perspectives.
  • bases its work on the UN-Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • rejects any ethnical, sexual, lingual, religious, political or social discrimination.

In order to achieve its aims the FICE-International:

  • works through its national sections. Its members work as educators in homes, foster care families or out-of-home care trainers.
  • the FICE-International encourages professional exchanges between national sections.


Mission et les objectifs de la FICE Internationale

Misión y objetivos de la FICE Internacional