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“Was ist Inklusion” – A short movie about inclusion in German; Source: Aktionmensch

Inklusion – Was ist das eigentlich? Viele Menschen haben den Begriff schon gehört. Aber was genau steckt dahinter? Und was bedeutet Inklusion für jeden von uns persönlich?
Inklusion heißt wörtlich übersetzt Zugehörigkeit, also das Gegenteil von Ausgrenzung. Wenn jeder Mensch – mit oder ohne Behinderung – überall dabei sein kann, in der Schule, am Arbeitsplatz, im Wohnviertel, in der Freizeit, dann ist das gelungene Inklusion.


Example o good practice: CENTER FOR EARLY DEVELOPMENT “IMPULS” Daily treatment center for children with severe developmental difficulties at early age and their families

“FICE Srbija” is an active section and member of “FICE International” and “FICE Europa” and “umbrella” organization devoted to the concept of Children rights, equality, inclusion, improvement of quality of life of children who are growing up at different types of risk, and in out of family settings. The example of, according to our opinion, excellent practice, which we would like to share, is a program for work with children with severe developmental disorders at early age (between 0 and 7 years). It is implemented in “FICE Srbija“ greatest member – Center for protection of infants, children and youth Zvecanska 7 (CZODO) in Belgrade, and during its pilot phase it was financed by the Social Service International / Swiss section. This, in Serbia, innovative practice was settled in existing but completely renewed space in (CZODO) which was equipped according to specific service standards. The main idea was prevention of institutionalization and separation children with severe difficulties from their parents. Read more



“Handbook on the Participation of Young People in the Life of the Community” – A book published by FICE Bulgaria, with the financial support of the “Old Beech” Foundation in Bulgaria. The book is focused on the right to participation, types of participation, education in active citizenship, good practices to encourage the participation of young people. The Handbook is in Bulgarian language. Bibliography

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Articles about inclusion and  exclusion gathered and edited by the Social Forum of DBSH. Published in 2011.

Texte zu Inklusion and Exklusion, zusammengestellt von der Redaktion von Forum Sozial des DBSH. Publiziert 2011 im “Forum Soziale” des DBSH(Deutscher Berufsverband für Soziale Arbeit e.V.)

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