Documents and Publications

  • 10 Standards for care leavers developed by the participants in the international youth exchange “Be the change” – Brochure(English)
  • TOGETHER AGAINST VIOLENCE Compendium of research reports and recommendations. “The project “Together against violence” focuses on the prevention of cases of repeated violence by children and youths aged 14-18 years in Bulgaria, Spain and Austria. The main goal of the project is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the work with children and youths by improving the prevention activities and the intervention in view of reducing subsequent violent behaviour.” read more
    Paper Presented During the FICE-INTERNATIONAL FEDERAL COUNCIL Held in Barcelona – Spain on 7th November, 2014 by Simon Peter Otieno – President of FICE Kenya. Abstract: “The Critical Review Paper (2010) informs that over 90% of OVCs are given care by the extended family system. This demonstrates and appreciates that the extended family care, a form of informal alternative care, in child and youth care, is the most suitable form of alternative care. This explains its growing popularity. The paper therefore demonstrates the suitability of this culture-based form of alternative care for children and youth in need of care and protection among communities, in comparison with orphanages or juveniles, among other categories of formal care.” read more
  • Youth Work: Global Differences, Jennifer Brooker, FICE Australia, RMIT University. Abstract: “Youth work is conducted throughout the world, in one of three major frameworks: a therapeutic model in North America, community development in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand and a social pedagogy in Europe. Despite these differences youth work remains the same – we work with and for young people in the hope of making their lives better.” read more.
  • “Witness: Lack of Support in Japanese Orphanages” “Nearly 34,000 children in Japan live in institutions after being taken from or abandoned by their parents. This is in stark contrast to what happens in the majority of developed countries, which place most such children in foster homes or with adoptive families.” read more.
  • “TOGETHER AGAINST VIOLENCE” a presentation by Hermann Radler, FICE Austria, presented at FICE Federal Council in Frankfurt, 11/12-th April 2014. “Together against violence” Project is funded by DAPHNE Programme of European Union and in partnership with FICE Austria, FICE Bulgaria and FICE Spain. read more.
  • Fundació Acció Social Infància F.A.S.I (Children’s Social Action Foundation) has been created recently by a group of public and private institutions. It wants to promote the formation of citizens able to build their own life projects, promoting equal opportunities for the disadvantaged. F.A.S.I.’s project “Children’s houses” was motivated by the need to promote a new technical model of childcare, aimed to prevent the internment and to maximize the possibility of returning home. read more
  • Leaving Care_Transition to independent living_Session 2, Prof.Varda Mann-Feder - Department of Applied Human Sciences , Concordia University and Josef Koch – Internationale Gesellschaft für erzieherische Hilfen (IGfH) - German Section of FICE more
  • Kongressbericht_FICE_Bern 2013,Norbert Struck – Die FICE ist der weltweite Zusammenschluss von Organisationen, die sich mit den Hilfen zur Erziehung befassen aus derzeit 31 Staaten. Im Vorfeld des Weltkongresses 2013, der vom 8.- 12. Oktober in Bern stattfand, tagten die Gremien der FICE: die Vollversammlung am Montag und der Verbandsrat am Dienstag. read more
  • Wohin entwickeln sich die Hilfen zur Erziehung? Selten lagen so viele empirische Erkenntnisse zur Entwicklung der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe und im Besonderen auch der Hilfen zur Erziehung vor. Der Monitor Hilfen zur Erziehung 2012, aktuelle DJI Publikationen und vor allem der 14. Kinder- und Jugendbericht (KJB) zeigen ein differenziertes Bild von den Leistungen und Entwicklungen der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe….read more
  • FICE Declaration of Sarajevo. Article I: FICE is committed to the rights of children, their participation in all affairs and takes the special interests of young girls and boys into consideration…read more